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So, I haven't posted properly in quite a long time. I'm currently in the process of getting into university, and have been given offers to Bangor/Aston for biomedical science! I'm super excited (although really nervous) and I'm quite looking forwards to going. Anyway, apart from that I've pretty much been busy with college, turning 18 (lots of drinking, wheee), and STILL going to the hospital. I'm still fighting for disability benefits, have started going the gym to build up my leg muscles and have been referred towards counselling (lol whut, I know). So quite busy on this end, but still surviving :)

Anyway, how has everyone else been?! I haven't spoken to any of you in so long :(

http://kustisims.tumblr.com/ :)
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Well.. today.. was crazy.

The lift I was in fell 3 floors. Me, my friend and 3 other girls. I'm surprised how well I handled the situation, trying to make everyone sit on the floor and everything (believe me, sometimes being slightly autistic is awesome. I know how to do these stupid things). Well, anyway, I decided to tell reception + management because if that had happened to someone in a chair, it could've seriously damaged their health.

So the management is called, and I explain what happened to the man. He said "Oh, students shouldn't be using the lift", to which I replied "Well, actually, I am disabled". He looked at my legs, and then at my face with that "I don't believe you liar" expression. *sigh*. Sometimes I wish my legs were actually mangled or something, because having an invisible disability is so very difficult. Because I'm young too. Everyone assumes disability =/= elderly.

So yes, I walked off absolutely dumbfounded. I should've said "Oh, all my disability shirts are in the wash, sorry!" but I'm awful at comebacks :p
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I have been FINALLY diagnosed! I've got myalgic encephalomyelitis (or Chronic fatigue syndrome, but the other sounds way cooler). A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and now I can explain what I've got (also can stop being called a hypochondriac), and I can begin claiming my disability allowance.

Also, thanks for the concerns on the last post <3. I'm better now, but with a rather nasty little gash which I don't think will heal properly. At least I'll have a fun story to tell
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404 error?

Anyone else getting a 404 error on Mediafire? I can't download anything. Tried on chrome and IE too, but nope, both of them get the 404 error.
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Creation help

I'm currently creating some sims 2 unnatural hair recolours. The toddler and elder age are both useless to me, but I don't know how to remove them from the recolours. Maybe there's a program that can do this? I can use SimPE, but every time I use it, I experience random crashes and there must be another way to do it for Mac users. If they are removed, will it affect the whole mesh, or just the single recolour?

Gah, so many questions :P. Anyway, if I get this resolved, I'll be back soon to post some unnatural hair recolours of various meshes (including some of the new Pooklet 3.5 colours) :)
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Ren Louis Facemasks

Does anyone know where I can find the Ren/Louis Facemasks *with* the bodyshop picture? I know someone posted them recently this year, and it's really annoying having to click each one to find out the colours D:

This year

 I never have done new years resolutions, but I guess I'm gonna start now. This is mostly for my own benefit, so when times get low (like they usually do >.<) I can look back on this and strive to get what I really want.

1. Finish college year one with a DDD grade. 
2. Get a well paid job (Halfway there atm, I've applied!)
3. Choose what course I want to do at Bristol Uni, and go to the open days.
4. Make more of an effort to spend time with friends.
5. Take up some new hobbies. I'd quite like to learn violin/clarinet and also maybe start cooking?
6. Save up enough money to finally be able to buy Lumix G2/iPod 4g/HUAG GAMING RIG.
7. Further knowledge on medicine
8. Convince doctors to refer me for a brain MRI (Proving very difficult) and FINALLY being diagnosed.

.. aaaand I'm probably not even going to be able to do half of this >.<
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I'm posting.. :O

Hey everyone! I feel like I really don't post enough anymore. Life's going pretty smooth at the moment. I'm coming up to the end of my first college year (Hopefully I'm on the way to a distinction!), the bitch girl finally left (We all think she's coming back though :(), things kinda went bad with the guy.. I mean; we still talk, but I don't think he wants a relationship. No biggie though cause we're great friends :). My health is still awful, and I think I'm deteriorating quite rapidly :( I'm having hydrotherapy, but now I'm getting muscle spasms, weakness and I'm loosing my footing quite a lot. Still trying to figure out what it is though.. I'm convinced It's something like MS. Also, I'm getting back into TS2, and I've started playing Amnesia a few days ago (I have screenshots, but only some, because Amnesia literally makes you scream and cry :L).

Anyways, how is everyone else?!
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I am pissed. I got it because I downloaded a lot and didn't have holiday stuff.. O.o.

Anyway, guys who've experienced this bug, can the game be fine if the sims are moved out of the lot, and it is deleted from the 'hood and bin? Because If I have to reinstall the whole game, I'm probably not going to sim anymore. So, will the game corrupt, or will it be ok?

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